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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Butterfly Effect Waterproof Wearable Vibrator Review

Butterfly Effect Waterproof Wearable Vibrator
As the title states, this is a butterfly shaped weareable vibrator. Basically, it's a strap-on vibrator.

The shape is basically your average butterfly, the wings, the antennae, and the tail? There's a small tail protruding from the base that I don't have a reason for it's purpose exactly because it doesn't really touch the body. These two protrusions, the tail and end of battery pack, can get in the way of trying to use an insertable toy alongside with it. I have to angle a toy under a bit to use one internally or it'll hit the butterfly and move it.

The butterfly itself is much larger than I had anticipated. It's 4 1/2" long and 3 1/2" wide. I've seen some that were half the size but took watch batteries to operate so the size makes sense for this one since its takes AAA. The battery pack hangs out a bit at the base but it isn't an annoyance during use unless you're using another toy.

The straps confused me for a good minute when I opened the box as there were no diagrams or instructions on how to assemble the strap on. AFter about 5 minutes of looking at it I gathered how to wear it. One strap goes around the the hips and the other two wrap around the legs. This is obviously how strap ons are worn but it took me forever to figure out which straps were assigned to which to even assemble it. They come unstrapped and you have to use a slide-in hook to connect it. I failed with multiple variations until I got it. The straps are removable for washing but it shall be a pain in the ass to put it all back together again.

I was half expecting the straps to dig into the skin because of the texture but luckily it was comfortable and very flexible. I could put the larger strap around my body if I wanted to and it'd fit. Being that it's so flexible this should fit most people comfortably. The strap doesn't slide or move once it's secure as you can tighten it if you wish.

At the base of the battery pack is a button to turn on/off the toy. It's just one setting and it's a bit buzzy but the butterfly applies good pressure to the clitoris and delivers those vibrations very nicely. I was expecting the vibrations to be too weak but they surprised me when I turned it on; I even said "Oh!" when it started. Don't get me wrong, they're not powerful vibrations but they did the trick. It's nice to have a hand free during masturbation so I can add a little g-spot toy in the mix. It's very convenient. I have noticed that it drains batteries rather quickly though. Seeing as I have rechargeable ones this doesn't affect me much but if you're not prepared and have a nonrechargeble battery this could be a mood killer.

Material & Cleaning
The butterfly is very stretchy and pliable. It's got a ABS interior and TPR exterior. Cleaning the butterfly is easy with toy cleaner and water, but you'd have to take off the straps and clean those seperately. The straps are polyester, so they should only be hand washed.

The butterfly is waterproof so this should make for some excellent shower fun. The straps aren't waterproof but why would they be? I wouldn't really suggest wearing this out and about because it's large and would be noticeable through clothes. It's very quiet so that wouldn't be the issue. The issue would be having a bulge on a chick in public.

This did make me cum and I enjoyed the softness of the toy as it was so gentle to my clitoral region. However, it does not deserve 5 stars in my book.

No instructions on how to assemble.
Difficult to clean (straps)
Length is awkward
Drains Batteries
One setting
Weaker vibrations

Soft and Gentle


The Butterfly Effect Wearable Vibrator can be found at Good Vibrations Sex Toys.


  1. Butterfly kiss vibrator is my first toy ever and boy oh boy it is amazing! It hits everywhere perfectly. Gave me me first quirting orgasm ever (and many more since). I would recomend this to everyone.