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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy Girl Gift Set Review

I am going absolutely crazy for the Crazy Girl Gift Set by Classic Erotica. It's a complete set of smell-goods perfect for any lady who loves the smell yummy. Most items in this set are cupcake scented. The set includes a tropical scented/flavored lip balm, strawberry scented/flavored oral sex gel, cupcake scented intimate shaving creme, cupcake scented body mist, and a cupcake scented massage candle.

Where do I even start?!

Let's start with the massage candle. The massage candle is a soy candle that comes in a tin shaped like a heart. Inside the tin is a small clear spoon meant to help distribute the wax. When you burn the wax you can pour directly onto the skin and begin massaging it into the skin for a smooth and yummy smelling result. This is generally used for a method of foreplay and temperature play but can be used solo for skin care purposes. We've tried massage oil candles in the past and have had mixed results. The last item we've tried was the PicoBong's massage candle which made spreading the wax extremely difficult because there was alot of resistance and it left the skin incredibly sticky. The Crazy girl massage candle is not sticky. It goes on smooth and is easy to massage into the skin. Plus you're left smelling very yummy.

The Shave creme (6 lf oz)  is one of my favorite items in this gift set. The shave creme is the EXACT same as Coochy Creme which is also made by Classic Erotica. The difference is the scent as Coochy creme does not come in cupcake scent. This creme is the BEST shaving creme I believe you could possibly have for intimate shaving. It is designed for the intimate areas (bikini) and is rash-free. This means no razor bumps or ingrown hairs. (I still follow up with the Coochy Aftershave just for added precaution). There's nothing worse than an itch in an awkward spot after shaving so I only use the best! It comes in a pump top and pumps out silky smooth. The only "ish" I have with the shaving cremes by Classic Erotica is the tendency to not lather. But as a creme I don't really have high expectations for it to as it works more as a lotion than a gel. It's creamy to soften the skin and hairs to provide a easier and rash-free shave.

Next up is the Flirt Mist. The mist (6 fl oz) is also cupcake scented and though the scent is stronger in the mist than the other mentioned products it's not too overpowering of a smell. The scent does last for a few hours and you're left smelling very yummy. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth as well so this is an excellent skin care product.
The chapstick is not cupcake scented. This was a bit of a disappointment because I thought we were sticking with a theme here! The tropical scent/flavor is very subtle and there isn't much special about the lip balm other than it's also a sunscreen for the lips. This is your basic chapstick. No bells and whistles.
Lastly, we have the Oral Sex Gel. The oral sex gel is strawberry flavored (again, what happened to the theme?!). It comes in a 2.2 oz bottle with a pump-top dispenser. Just pump for the desired amount and apply to the vagina/clitoral area and prepare to be licked to heaven by your partner. A small dot will spread and go a long way as the gel is thin and spreads easily. The taste is nice with not aftertaste but I noticed there were no sensations. No tingling, cooling, or warming. But the great thing is it's not sticky. My only "ish" is it contains a formaldehyde releaser in it's ingredients and that's something to be wary about.

 What is my impression? I love the set! The massage candle and shave cream are my favorite items. The oral sex gel ingredients are my least favorite qualities about the set and I have to question the safety of that particular item so for that reason I rate the set a 4/5.

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