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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pirouette Vibrator Review

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the straight, traditional vibrators (i.e. non G-spot vibes) because I’ve never really accomplished an orgasm out of them internally, get frustrated and use them for clitoral stimulation instead. So, I try to go for something with a curved tip. But I broke my rule this time for the Pirouette by Pleasure Works. To be honest it’s not all that traditional of a vibrator. 

What sets this apart is the texture. The Pirouette is full of twists and turns around the entire shaft for textured stimulation. In total there are 4 “bulbs” on the shaft that can provide some awesome sensations during internal use. Because the last “bulb” is at the tip I can even rub my g-spot (if I slightly tilt the vibrator inside of me) and though I can only provide light pressure it’s really all I need because the vibrations transfer heavily to that area and throughout the whole vibrator. In total length it is 7 ¼” long. The insertable length is 6”. The width is 1 1/8”. It’s not a girthy toy, less than 2 fingers put together in width, but I like that. I don’t like my toys to be thick as I get resistance when I’m solo so I most enjoy the thinner toys.

Vibrations. Vibrations. Vibrations. Though they’re not the deep, rumbly type a power queen may require they are strong for what it is. The vibrations are one pattern; you’re standard “hummer” vibe. Pop this on a table and turn it on it will jump all over the place so you could imagine it's strength internally. The lowest setting isn't tickly or rumbly, it's still pretty strong, it starts out at about a medium speed then it gradually intensifies if you increase the power. You can twist the bottom like most traditional vibrators to increase or decrease the vibrations.

The setting control is located at the very base of the vibrator, right after the battery pack opening. The seam is almost invisible and during use can be hard to find because you could accidentally try to twist the battery pack off instead and the seam isn’t noticeable when you run your finger on it. The seam for the battery pack is noticeable. I should mention the Pirouette takes 2 AA batteries to operate. 

This vibrator is NOT quiet. On its lowest setting you can hear the vibes pretty well though not through a closed door. On its highest setting it sounds like a small appliance and can be heard through a closed door. The noise is high pitched and rattley. I don’t have to deal with any issues of making too much noise and getting caught because I don’t have roommates or parents to deal with, just the hubby, so this isn’t a terrible issue for me but could be for someone with preferences of a quiet vibrator. 

The Pirouette is waterproof! There is a clear rubber ring placed where the seam is at the battery pack. This cannot be seen when the pack is closed, only upon opening. But after it Is closed that rubber ring follows the seam perfectly to prevent water leaking in. 

The Pirouette is made of ABS with velvet coating. This means it is phthalates-free, non-porous and generally should be impact resistant however mine has a chip at the tip. Since its non-porous this can be shared with a partner after proper cleaning (use an antibacterial toy cleaner/wipe) or between orifices, however, there is no flared base to prevent this from slipping up inside the rectum so be sure to buy an attatchment if you use it anally. The Pirouette is truly velvety smooth and almost, ALMOST, feels like a quality silicone would; smooth and no drag. It is not plushy. It is hard as a rock and not pliable in the least so account for that if you require something with give. 

Overall: I think it’s a toy worth having in my toy box. It’s not a boring old straight vibrator without bells or whistles, on the contrary the vibrations are strong and the twists are pleasurable and exciting. There’s nothing more that I hate than a toy made of a material that drags and again the Pirouette gets points for having a smooth texture without resistance. I’m not a fan per-se of the noisiness of the toy but the vibrations make up for it and since I don’t have to be quiet it doesn’t affect me. The only qualms I have are the turn dial settings and the chip at the top doesn’t make me believe the material will be all that durable in the future. This may have turned me back on (just a bit!) to non G-spot vibrators. I think the Pirouette gets a 4/5. 

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