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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Goodbye Edenfantasys, and Good Riddance!

I should have seen this coming....well, to be honest, I kind of did.

Late last year, I discovered Edenfantasys through my own research after AOL posted an article about a woman who was paid to review sex toys. After doing very thorough research I found a website that offered alot of benefits for contributing members and decided to sign up.Though it wasn't what I originally was looking for, through my search results it was the closest thing and looked like an amazing opportunity. From day one I fell in love with the site but would soon discover it was all smoke and mirrors.

Here I discovered the amazing world of sex toy reviewers. The community of EF was just overwhelmingly supportive, helpful, creative, and just plain awesome. Here you could be your own little sexy self and have the opportunity to test sex toys, review them, and earn benefits. At that time I was really a newbie to sex toys but being that the community was just so damn awesome I wasn't intimidated, I was encouraged, helped along the way, and super excited. After a while I built up a profile with a staggering amount of articles and a hefty amount of reviews and all was well in the  world. I enjoyed writing and I'll admit I'm no pro but it was still a ton of fun. After a couple of months however I started to learn things I didn't like.

I'd noticed several high profile reviewers' profiles on the site but with no activity and I thought to myself, why would anyone leave EF? EF is just too perfect of a score for someone to leave! My brain couldn't wrap around it. Shortly after I discovered there was some back stories about EF and the way they actually operated was more or less on an unethical standard. Upon more research I started to learn names. Most notably I think the most heard of person and also most shushed name on the EF website was Epiphora. I learned her back story with EF and was completely floored. But like most people who stick with EF you turn your cheek and say well that's just not the EF I know.

After several months on EF I started to notice alot of grey area. It was like staring into the matrix. You don't know what's real and what's not. People start bringing up certain things and admins start hushing them. Even higher rated reviewer started getting in on the secrecy and it was very, very unsettling. People start fighting and picking sides. I thought we were all on the same side. How naive was I? I witnessed a falling out that ended with a couple of really talented reviewers being banned. Beck & Kira. And me being both curious and concerned I reached out only to learn yet another back story that was just coming to light within the community. Some knew about these stories, usually the one's who've been there the longer do, but most abashed away from them or joined in on the secrecy.

My EF fantasy was starting to slip away.
I won't go into detail about the reviewers I've talked about so far but if you wish to learn more their blogs are mighty helpful and also full of warnings that I begrudingly ignored.

Not long after, the beautiful facade of Edenfantasys started to chip away piece by piece. The atmosphere started to unveil itself in a haze of secrecy, fakeness, an tension. It seemed like everyone was trying to be on their p's & q's in fear of losing their benefits, and high profilers and admins seemed to be trying to hard to be overly nice and hide their misery. It stunk of fakeness. It boiled over with tension and I was no longer as happy as I was on day one.

Being with EF I managed to make alot of money actually, even though I didn't really see how I could without promoting a blog, I managed to roll in some much needed dough here and there and that was the driving force for why I stayed. Even though I could see through the charades the benefits were outweighing the bad for the time being. Riots became every increasingly possible but most were nipped in the bud before they started courtesy of censorships that were strongly implemented by many admins. Changes started happening left and right and most of them seemed to be very good because they meant reviewers had more benefits. It started to look like the site just might get through some dark times and we'd be happy, productive little workers. Ha! Until shit hit the fan!

The first huge announcement was the removal of the free review program. It was announced that a strong implement of changes were coming and they would be good ones. The toys we got were free once a month and that would change. This wasn't as devastating to alot of us but it was unfotunate.

Not long after we got a huge awakening. All of a sudden the admins were rolled into one little phone call and fired. No warning to them or to the community. There was a riot. And a very, very nasty one indeed. Not only were the employees and community shocked (though some admins probably felt it coming before we did) rumors started popping up left and right all over the EF forums and the twitter and blogging communities. It was no time at all before these little rumors were found to be nasty truths. The owner of EF addressed the mass firings and rumors as false and the firings were for productive reasons. Though, unbeknowest to him their phone call was recorded and leaked for the world to hear the real reason was for a massive decline in funds and the company was sinking. Fred then took to the community ts again debunk the validity of any claims and that was that. But, it was already too late for the community. The mass firings set some things in motion and what happened a couple of days ago was the straw that broke the camels back. He removed our benefits.

Now, our points will only cover 15% of our purchases. Before we could earn our points and redeem them for the whole order, and now our points are 85% worthless. What we all worked hard for and were promised was taken away so quick you couldn't bat your eyes.

Alot of us prized our points. Alot of us can't afford the prices on EF for toys. Alot of us rely on those points to even have something to review. Now we would have to purchase our toys with a mere 15% discount (essentially that's all the points really offer as of this new rule) to review for their site where they are the beneficiaries for our hard work. It is a slap in the face. And to make matters worse this new little rule was our own doing. Fred pointed out we were abusing the points. Um....excuse me? We were WORKING for those points. He changed the point system so it would benefit both the site and the contributer. How are we abusing the points if you're offering us them on an awards based system. And why should we all suffer for the acts of those who actually abuse the system. Also, how do you expect to monitor these abusers if you FIRED YOUR STAFF?? (Which to my understanding is the second mass firing he's done.)

In my eyes the only one who's really abusing the website is Fred himself. He had a wonderful staff, though there was alot of secrecy and covering up I can understand doing what you need to do to keep your job and make your boss happy so I don't blame them directly. He let them go. He had a team working on making a better community and preventing point farming. He let them go. He raised the amounts of points our reviews would recieve which for a short time made us feel that we were worth alot to him. He showed us other wise. We are worth 15% to him. The people who feed his site with purchases, reviews, website activity, blogs, and praise, are worth 85% less to him than we were just last week. Well, Fred, good riddance.

Leaving EF is not an easy thing to do. There is NO site like EF was. Was. EF used to be an awesome site and the benefits were absolutely amazing. There is no other site that offered what EF used to offer and you feel like you're left in the smoke after your house just burnt to the ground. Where do you pick up from here? Well, I suppose we just have to accept we won't get it all back but maybe we can still do something. Sure, there are a few companies that have reviewers but they aren't like EF used to be. The points are low and only a small few send free toys, unless of course you're a big name reviewer. Where do the little people go? There's alot that changes when you finally leave but the weight off of the shoulders is really an amazing feeling. And now that I'm leaving, I won't be looking back.

Anyone leaving, I strongly suggest you go check out Epiphora's blog. She's posted some amazing information for life after Eden.

I'm not a very active blogger for the time being but I will be posting here and there. Especially now that Eden if officially off of my roster I won't have near as new items to review. But I won't leave my blog to sit without any content and since I have a pretty large box of toys I should be able to muster up plenty of reviews when I get some free time =)

Thanks for reading & GL!



Things have been going busy for me at the moment at home, so blog has been slowing down like I previously mentioned it would. But I will have a review coming out later for a toy I've wanted for what seems like forever. look out for it in the near future!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everybody I hope you've had a good week so far, Friday is just around the corner! I started a new job this Monday and I've made it to the middle of the week without any issues and I hope the rest of the week goes just as well!

Starting a new job has been exciting and nerve racking but mostly because the bosslady is rather intimidating and the job is debt collection so its hard to say if I'm a good fit yet but so far so good! Reviews are going to be rather thin lately due to the work transition but mainly due to the HUGE drama going on w/ said community I spoke about in my last post as I'm unsure if there will even be a review program anymore and I'm currently waiting for correspondence from a couple places on my next items.

In the mail this week I received the LELO ELLA and I haven't decided if I want to do an extensive review on it as of yet but so far I'm 50/50 with it. I thought it would similar but better than the Moka but so far is turning out to be a bit worse. But I've only tried it once and I've had a very busy schedule as of late so hopefully I can try it again this weekend or sometime next week and have a full report on it.

Has anyone had any good/bad experience with Fun Factory toys? What I've seen so far doesn't look all that exciting but I've heard a few good reviews here and there. I love trying different brands of products and so far my favorites are Lelo & Lovehoney.

Have a great week and an awesome weekend!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


A couple of things have been happening. Good and Bad. I'll get over the bad news first. One of my favorite sex toy sites has canned all of the admins and left the community to virtually fend for themselves which has nearly caused a mob and resulted in panic, confusion, fear, and alot of fighting. The owner of said company has shown his true colors in not caring for the community by leaving it to rot in disbelief and chaos. It has been an interesting past few days and speculation is the company is broke and the website failing but we'll wait and see what happens. Unfortunately ALOT of good people lost their jobs abruptly and I'm sad to see them go. On a lighter side, the good news. I landed a job. And I apologize in advance for two reasons: #1 posts may be far and few as I adjust to the many changes in my life and #2 I'm going to be a debt collector in this new job so....yeah....sorry if you have to deal with me! LOL!

Things are looking up as far as my financial situation goes; that is if I can do this job right!

Tata for now!

<3 <3 <3

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kegel Journals Cancelled

In April I blogged about the Kegel Journals which was a collaboration of individuals doing kegel excerising and writing an article on their findings. Unfortunately about 2 weeks in the the project the company experienced some "spring cleaning" and started weeding out employees, revamping the website, and making adjustments to their contributor programs. This caused a standstill on many projects and this project was pretty much vanquished.

Though my project was cut short I can say that throughout the kegeling project I did experience a bit of muscle strength in my pelvic muscles and would recommend kegeling as a regular exercise for all women. There are some benefits to kegeling and a bit of strength can mean a big difference in pleasure.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-spot Dildo

Intro: It's flexible, pink, and made of silicone, what else could a girl ask for?

Summary: The Satisfy Me G-spot Dildo by Lovehoney is sure to satisfy your g-spot needs. It's bulbous head is perfect for g-spot stimulation and it's flexibility makes it a comfortable fit. It does attract lint, however.

Material: This dildo is made of silicone which is completely body safe and one of the easiest materials to clean. The silicone is good quality, soft, and flexible but it does attract lint and dirt. The lint attraction isn't as bad as say a jelly dildo, but the quality of silicone certainly isn't comparable to luxury toys. It's rather moderate on the lint attraction so a good rinse or wash befoe use is necessary. I'm getting this bit out of the way because it is literally the only con about this dildo. Everything else is just pro.

Its flexibility is allllmost similar to the Happy Bunny's flexibility. Not quite, but almost. Flexibility is a plus though of course!

Features: A bulbous head! Its got a rather bulbous head for stimulation of the g spot. It's not too big, not too small, its just enough to provide the perfect amount of stimulation and pressure for maximum g spot pleasure. It's gentle and easy to stimulate with and the shaft is curved to an angle to meet the g spot with ease. The other end is rather pointy with designs in the silicone, this end is designated as use as a handle.

Cleaning: Silicone is easy to clean and being that this has no batteries or motor this can be boiled for thorough cleaning. A simple toy cleaner will work as well. Boiling is not necessary, but is a great way for maximum sanitation.

Length: 7 1/2"
Insertable: 7"
Circumerence: 5"
Max Width: 1 1/2"

Restrictions: Silicone products cannot be stored with other silicone products nor can it be used with silicone lube. Use water based lubricants with this product and store seperately.

Overall: Again, it's pink, it's silicone, and it's flexible. I love it. It's not too girthy for me and it fits my body perfectly for gspot pleasure. It's not just a tease it brings me awesome orgasms!! The only "ish" I've got with it is it attracts lint so easily.

Rate: 4/5

Sorry I've Been MIA

It's been about a month since my last blog. I've been sick all month so I'm slowly getting back into my old routine. Today i'll be posting a review.

I won't be on a schedule with this blog, posts will come as I make them but there won't be another month to pass without a post, I was just really ill all month this time.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LuckyMe LuckyYou Flavored Pleasure Towelettes Review

LuckyMe LuckyYou developed these flavored pleasure towelettes for oral sex pleasure. There’s virtually no mess or clean up and they’re travel friendly. Unfortunately being what they are they’re good for one use only and only come in one flavor, Succulent Strawberry. The taste is yummy but a bit on the light side. Read on to learn more about this unique product!

Creativity: I must give this a 5. I haven’t seen anything like this before and I think it’s a very creative idea. The packaging is very pretty also and it stands out as unique. Kudos!

Use: To use the LuckyMe LuckyYou towlettes you simply tear the foil and pull out the wipes which expands to a medium sized wipe similar to a baby wipe. You then rub it on the genitals (or any body area you like) and start the oral sex! It’s really simple to use; there’s no mess involved and virtually no clean up. The use of this product is so easy and mess free. Rate: 5

Sensuality: I have to throw this category in because it really mattered to me for some reason. It wasn’t a particularly sexual or sensual experience. Rubbing a baby wipe on someone’s junk was completely anti-sexy. There’s something sexual about pouring oils and dusting powders on the skin. Rubbing a baby wipe on someone didn’t do it for me. It brought down the mood so I have to give it a 0.

Practicality: These would probably be best for someone who’s on the go, meaning someone who likes to travel and packs light. The packets are the size of condoms wrappers so they’re super easy to store and travel with. The wipes are mess free so cleanup is minimal (but if you used your tongue like you’re supposed to, well, cleanup is unnecessary.) In comparison to gels and powders, the wipes (though in a virtually new category) can be a little less practical for three reasons. 

1.       They’re one use only. (Where as gels, powders, creams etc can be used multiple times and are cost effective because of this.)

2.       The wipes spread flavor rather thinly on the body and leaves a scent rather than much of a taste so multiple wipes would have to be used to achieve the same result as powders, gels, or creams.

3.       The cost per wipe is over $1 each and for one use of a thin coating is a bit impractical for extended use.

This is where it gets difficult to rate. For extended use I’d say this is a no-go. The flavor is light, the cost is high, and you’ll be ordering many times to refill. For travel use I’d say this is excellent (however the taste is still rather light) because it doesn’t take up ANY room to pack and it won’t leak. Personally I don’t travel much and we prefer a strong taste and something that is going to last us a good while so for myself and my husband I rate this category a 2.

Taste: As mentioned above the taste is rather light. It does taste good however without any bad aftertastes and you’re surprised it doesn’t taste like a baby wipe since that’s pretty much what it is or what we’ve come to identify a baby wipe as. (hah). It does taste like strawberries and the smell is probably just as pleasant as the taste. The only thing is the taste was rather weak and went away quickly. When we experiment with other edible products such as gels, lotions, or powders the tastes are generally strong and last because of the consistency of the products. The wipes go on rather thin so the taste is short lived and not very strong. Though it’s a good taste it’s light and thin so I have to rate it a 3.

Overall: I haven’t broken down a review into separate categories for rating before but I felt this product was difficult to rate flat out because it’s such a unique product. There were a lot of short comings but there were some great qualities to it too and since it’s rather unique to me I felt it would be best appropriately rated if I broke down the good and bad separately. So the rating on this product is: 5+5+0+2+3=15/5=3.

The LuckyMe LuckyYou Flavored Pleasure Towelettes get a 3/5 rating and you heard it first from LuckyLady.

Please follow @GetLuckyTonight on twitter and check out the towelettes at their website  http://luckyme-luckyyou.com  

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibe Review

Today I'm reviewing the Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator. This quaint vibrator comes with 10 patterns of vibrations and features a curved tip perfect for G-spot stimulation. It's body safe material provides an easy clean up and a waterproof design. Read on to learn more about the Supersex G-spot Vibrator.

This was smaller than expected but because of it's size it's easily concealable if the need arises to store it out of sight.The G-spot tip is 1" thick and the neck is less than an inch thick. The total length of the toy is 6", 4 1/2" of which is insertable. It will fit in the length of your hand.

The G-spot bulb of the toy is raised and rather bulbous to provide firm pressure on the G-spot. I've had issues with a few G-spot toys "hooking" on the pubic bone but this one doens't have a strong neck area that would cause it to hook. I prefer G-spot toys like this one.

It reminded me of the Lia toys by Cal Exotics. The patterns were identical to that line, also the blinking lights that correspond with each pattern are also identical. This comes in 10 patterns. Three of these patterns are your standard low, medium, high vibes and the other seven are rythymic. The intensity of vibrations are about a 3/5. They're not too strong but not too weak either. They're pretty average.

At the bast of the toy near the battery pack are two buttons. The bottom button turns on/off the toy. The button above this changes the patterns.
This toy takes 1 AA battery and around the battery pack is a rubber ring to prevent water coming into the toy. Yes, this toy is waterproof.

The Supersex is made of plastic but it's very smooth and mimics a silicone feeling. There isn't any drag to it and I didn't have any issues with it collecting lint. The Supersex is not flexible; it's a rigid toy but this is great for hitting the G-spot.

Experience: I'm not a fan. While I'm not a fan of girthy toys and this one is far from girthy, I'm not a fan of the very thin toys either. This was a bit too small for me to appreciate. On the upside however this would be a great companion to travel with because of it's small size. A few months ago I would have fallen in love with this toy before I discovered toys with stronger vibrations. Today I like a toy that will cover a wide range of strengths in vibrations and this one is pretty weak in comparison to a few that I currently drool over. Even though I'm not a huge fan I'm not about to go throw this one out anytime soon. It's a good quality, sturdy toy and I have use for it. What use? You just said it's not strong! Well if you must know, alot of my toys are rather tall and I've been meaning to add some smaller toys to my collection for the instances that I do travel and though the vibrations are the strongest they're just enough to give me pleasure. Sure, it's more like a teaser but I rely on clitoral stimulation for orgasm anyways and the bulb on this toy just adds for better stimulation.

Would I recommend this? Honestly it depends on the person I'm recommending toys to. I think this would be better suited to someone who's looking for a smaller toy and who is either sensitive to vibrations or just prefers an average intensity in their vibes. I think because of the range of patterns, the size, and vibes this could be perfect for a beginner or those stated above, to experiment with a safe toy and one made of good quality too. For the more experienced with toys or those who are "power queens" I think this one would fall a bit flat.

Rating : 3/5

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Butterfly Effect Waterproof Wearable Vibrator Review

Butterfly Effect Waterproof Wearable Vibrator
As the title states, this is a butterfly shaped weareable vibrator. Basically, it's a strap-on vibrator.

The shape is basically your average butterfly, the wings, the antennae, and the tail? There's a small tail protruding from the base that I don't have a reason for it's purpose exactly because it doesn't really touch the body. These two protrusions, the tail and end of battery pack, can get in the way of trying to use an insertable toy alongside with it. I have to angle a toy under a bit to use one internally or it'll hit the butterfly and move it.

The butterfly itself is much larger than I had anticipated. It's 4 1/2" long and 3 1/2" wide. I've seen some that were half the size but took watch batteries to operate so the size makes sense for this one since its takes AAA. The battery pack hangs out a bit at the base but it isn't an annoyance during use unless you're using another toy.

The straps confused me for a good minute when I opened the box as there were no diagrams or instructions on how to assemble the strap on. AFter about 5 minutes of looking at it I gathered how to wear it. One strap goes around the the hips and the other two wrap around the legs. This is obviously how strap ons are worn but it took me forever to figure out which straps were assigned to which to even assemble it. They come unstrapped and you have to use a slide-in hook to connect it. I failed with multiple variations until I got it. The straps are removable for washing but it shall be a pain in the ass to put it all back together again.

I was half expecting the straps to dig into the skin because of the texture but luckily it was comfortable and very flexible. I could put the larger strap around my body if I wanted to and it'd fit. Being that it's so flexible this should fit most people comfortably. The strap doesn't slide or move once it's secure as you can tighten it if you wish.

At the base of the battery pack is a button to turn on/off the toy. It's just one setting and it's a bit buzzy but the butterfly applies good pressure to the clitoris and delivers those vibrations very nicely. I was expecting the vibrations to be too weak but they surprised me when I turned it on; I even said "Oh!" when it started. Don't get me wrong, they're not powerful vibrations but they did the trick. It's nice to have a hand free during masturbation so I can add a little g-spot toy in the mix. It's very convenient. I have noticed that it drains batteries rather quickly though. Seeing as I have rechargeable ones this doesn't affect me much but if you're not prepared and have a nonrechargeble battery this could be a mood killer.

Material & Cleaning
The butterfly is very stretchy and pliable. It's got a ABS interior and TPR exterior. Cleaning the butterfly is easy with toy cleaner and water, but you'd have to take off the straps and clean those seperately. The straps are polyester, so they should only be hand washed.

The butterfly is waterproof so this should make for some excellent shower fun. The straps aren't waterproof but why would they be? I wouldn't really suggest wearing this out and about because it's large and would be noticeable through clothes. It's very quiet so that wouldn't be the issue. The issue would be having a bulge on a chick in public.

This did make me cum and I enjoyed the softness of the toy as it was so gentle to my clitoral region. However, it does not deserve 5 stars in my book.

No instructions on how to assemble.
Difficult to clean (straps)
Length is awkward
Drains Batteries
One setting
Weaker vibrations

Soft and Gentle


The Butterfly Effect Wearable Vibrator can be found at Good Vibrations Sex Toys.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prize in the Mail

So, I entered a contest hosted by @toywithme courtesy of @lovehoney_com. The contest was to give the best dating advice and I won the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit natural for my submission. My submission, you can see here on my blog.

So today I got it in the mail, and I'm so happy! It looks amazing!
Pictures to come!

In the meantime, Here's a picture courtesy of the Lovehoney website.
Contests really are amazing things! I hope to get enough followers that I can host some contests here on my blog soon! How cool would that be?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Pink Cherry

Pink Cherry has a sale going on with products up to 95% off! This has me so excited I can barely put it in words. Here's a sneak peak of what's going on!

Lelo Luna Beads in Noir.
First off: Lelo! You know you're getting a luxury product if it's a Lelo product. These beads are to be used for kegel excercises (vaginal strength training.) They're currently on sale for 52% off. With a price tag of only $29 they're a steal!

The Superstrap love ties have been catching my eyes all week. They genuinely seem like a great product. They make bondage customizable as not all ties have to be used at once like in the picture and I imagine some could be used for the wrists and some could be used for the ankles. They really look fun! They're on sale for 88% off. Price tag: $5!

Lately the hubby and I have been diving into the world of edible lotions & potions for foreplay and this vial is something I must try! At 72% off there isn't much to lose, especially at a price tag of $7. It also comes in MANY other flavors!

The Verspaken masturbator. I've only recently discovered this and it's peaked my interests as a gift for the hubby. Currently Pink Cherry has 3 textures in stock and it's on sale for 31% off. Price tag: $38.

I'm the type of girl who must have a clitoral vibrator on hand so I can't end this blog post without mentioning one on sale. The Luxe vibe is on sale for 72% off. Price tag: $17!

There are SOOO many more goodies I want to add but I'd be on here all day! There are pages upon pages on goodies on sale ranging from pumps to masturbators, lubes to gels, vibrators to dildos, and much more. I implore you check it out this sale is crazy!

Pirouette Vibrator Review

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the straight, traditional vibrators (i.e. non G-spot vibes) because I’ve never really accomplished an orgasm out of them internally, get frustrated and use them for clitoral stimulation instead. So, I try to go for something with a curved tip. But I broke my rule this time for the Pirouette by Pleasure Works. To be honest it’s not all that traditional of a vibrator. 

What sets this apart is the texture. The Pirouette is full of twists and turns around the entire shaft for textured stimulation. In total there are 4 “bulbs” on the shaft that can provide some awesome sensations during internal use. Because the last “bulb” is at the tip I can even rub my g-spot (if I slightly tilt the vibrator inside of me) and though I can only provide light pressure it’s really all I need because the vibrations transfer heavily to that area and throughout the whole vibrator. In total length it is 7 ¼” long. The insertable length is 6”. The width is 1 1/8”. It’s not a girthy toy, less than 2 fingers put together in width, but I like that. I don’t like my toys to be thick as I get resistance when I’m solo so I most enjoy the thinner toys.

Vibrations. Vibrations. Vibrations. Though they’re not the deep, rumbly type a power queen may require they are strong for what it is. The vibrations are one pattern; you’re standard “hummer” vibe. Pop this on a table and turn it on it will jump all over the place so you could imagine it's strength internally. The lowest setting isn't tickly or rumbly, it's still pretty strong, it starts out at about a medium speed then it gradually intensifies if you increase the power. You can twist the bottom like most traditional vibrators to increase or decrease the vibrations.

The setting control is located at the very base of the vibrator, right after the battery pack opening. The seam is almost invisible and during use can be hard to find because you could accidentally try to twist the battery pack off instead and the seam isn’t noticeable when you run your finger on it. The seam for the battery pack is noticeable. I should mention the Pirouette takes 2 AA batteries to operate. 

This vibrator is NOT quiet. On its lowest setting you can hear the vibes pretty well though not through a closed door. On its highest setting it sounds like a small appliance and can be heard through a closed door. The noise is high pitched and rattley. I don’t have to deal with any issues of making too much noise and getting caught because I don’t have roommates or parents to deal with, just the hubby, so this isn’t a terrible issue for me but could be for someone with preferences of a quiet vibrator. 

The Pirouette is waterproof! There is a clear rubber ring placed where the seam is at the battery pack. This cannot be seen when the pack is closed, only upon opening. But after it Is closed that rubber ring follows the seam perfectly to prevent water leaking in. 

The Pirouette is made of ABS with velvet coating. This means it is phthalates-free, non-porous and generally should be impact resistant however mine has a chip at the tip. Since its non-porous this can be shared with a partner after proper cleaning (use an antibacterial toy cleaner/wipe) or between orifices, however, there is no flared base to prevent this from slipping up inside the rectum so be sure to buy an attatchment if you use it anally. The Pirouette is truly velvety smooth and almost, ALMOST, feels like a quality silicone would; smooth and no drag. It is not plushy. It is hard as a rock and not pliable in the least so account for that if you require something with give. 

Overall: I think it’s a toy worth having in my toy box. It’s not a boring old straight vibrator without bells or whistles, on the contrary the vibrations are strong and the twists are pleasurable and exciting. There’s nothing more that I hate than a toy made of a material that drags and again the Pirouette gets points for having a smooth texture without resistance. I’m not a fan per-se of the noisiness of the toy but the vibrations make up for it and since I don’t have to be quiet it doesn’t affect me. The only qualms I have are the turn dial settings and the chip at the top doesn’t make me believe the material will be all that durable in the future. This may have turned me back on (just a bit!) to non G-spot vibrators. I think the Pirouette gets a 4/5. 

I found the Pirouette at Good Vibrations Sex Toys
Check out Good Vibrations Sex Toys for current sales!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy Girl Gift Set Review

I am going absolutely crazy for the Crazy Girl Gift Set by Classic Erotica. It's a complete set of smell-goods perfect for any lady who loves the smell yummy. Most items in this set are cupcake scented. The set includes a tropical scented/flavored lip balm, strawberry scented/flavored oral sex gel, cupcake scented intimate shaving creme, cupcake scented body mist, and a cupcake scented massage candle.

Where do I even start?!

Let's start with the massage candle. The massage candle is a soy candle that comes in a tin shaped like a heart. Inside the tin is a small clear spoon meant to help distribute the wax. When you burn the wax you can pour directly onto the skin and begin massaging it into the skin for a smooth and yummy smelling result. This is generally used for a method of foreplay and temperature play but can be used solo for skin care purposes. We've tried massage oil candles in the past and have had mixed results. The last item we've tried was the PicoBong's massage candle which made spreading the wax extremely difficult because there was alot of resistance and it left the skin incredibly sticky. The Crazy girl massage candle is not sticky. It goes on smooth and is easy to massage into the skin. Plus you're left smelling very yummy.

The Shave creme (6 lf oz)  is one of my favorite items in this gift set. The shave creme is the EXACT same as Coochy Creme which is also made by Classic Erotica. The difference is the scent as Coochy creme does not come in cupcake scent. This creme is the BEST shaving creme I believe you could possibly have for intimate shaving. It is designed for the intimate areas (bikini) and is rash-free. This means no razor bumps or ingrown hairs. (I still follow up with the Coochy Aftershave just for added precaution). There's nothing worse than an itch in an awkward spot after shaving so I only use the best! It comes in a pump top and pumps out silky smooth. The only "ish" I have with the shaving cremes by Classic Erotica is the tendency to not lather. But as a creme I don't really have high expectations for it to as it works more as a lotion than a gel. It's creamy to soften the skin and hairs to provide a easier and rash-free shave.

Next up is the Flirt Mist. The mist (6 fl oz) is also cupcake scented and though the scent is stronger in the mist than the other mentioned products it's not too overpowering of a smell. The scent does last for a few hours and you're left smelling very yummy. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth as well so this is an excellent skin care product.
The chapstick is not cupcake scented. This was a bit of a disappointment because I thought we were sticking with a theme here! The tropical scent/flavor is very subtle and there isn't much special about the lip balm other than it's also a sunscreen for the lips. This is your basic chapstick. No bells and whistles.
Lastly, we have the Oral Sex Gel. The oral sex gel is strawberry flavored (again, what happened to the theme?!). It comes in a 2.2 oz bottle with a pump-top dispenser. Just pump for the desired amount and apply to the vagina/clitoral area and prepare to be licked to heaven by your partner. A small dot will spread and go a long way as the gel is thin and spreads easily. The taste is nice with not aftertaste but I noticed there were no sensations. No tingling, cooling, or warming. But the great thing is it's not sticky. My only "ish" is it contains a formaldehyde releaser in it's ingredients and that's something to be wary about.

 What is my impression? I love the set! The massage candle and shave cream are my favorite items. The oral sex gel ingredients are my least favorite qualities about the set and I have to question the safety of that particular item so for that reason I rate the set a 4/5.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best Dating Advice I Ever Got

We've all been there; that icky place in life called "single." At times it can be described as lonely and depressing whereas sometimes it feels freeing and fun because you're not "tied down". I remember when I was dating I loved having a partner but had times where I felt that I wasn't free and when I was single I felt lonely and missed everything that I disliked about being in a relationship.

I'm married now and I appreciate my past relationships (and relationship-less months) because I learned from them in a way that I think solidified my marriage. I also think it has something to do with a little advice I got from a stranger when I was 18.

Ah, the teenage years. I say that like they were so long ago, which they weren't, but my immaturity at that time seems so distant from who I am today. It's that time when you leave high school but high school doesn't leave you. I made bad dating decisions at 18 as I did at 14. How embarrassing. But at those ages relationships would be best described as puppy love. You don't get the full spectrum of a relationship when you're a teenager as you do when you're adult. The hardships for most are invisible at that age yet we complain about everything being so difficult. Oh, younger me, if only you knew! I think a part of me might have known because I took this man's advice to heart.

I was at work one night, cleaning the parking lot, when a man was pumping gas and decided to chat with me. He asked a bit about my age and school then immediately proceeded to give me advice, unsolicited but very welcome. He told me my number one priority should be myself at my age. School included. He said I must take care of myself and get ME to a point where I want to be at before I bring in another person in my life. (He must have had a daughter!) At the time I took it as an age-related point of advice but I took it seriously. Now, looking back I realize it applies to all people, regardless of age or maturity.

In order to have a healthy relationship with another person you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself. 

Doesn't it just seem like common sense? But how many people do we know that hop from one guy to another seeking self-fulfillment? Too many to count right?

I think this was the best advice I've ever gotten and I'd share it with the world if I could.


Friday, March 8, 2013

New Butt Plug

Well I've been looking for a new butt plug, one of good material quality, and I managed to find one made of silicone for a good price. It's called the Booty Call Booty Teaser by Cal Exotics. I've been trying to weed out the toys with low quality materials that I own so I can replace them with safer toys. I don't mind plastic as much but I'd like to have as many silicone and glass toy replacements as I can get.

My experience with butt plugs is semi-limited. Anal play isn't something I frequently do while masturbating or during sex. For one my husband does not like anal sex. He says I'm too tight and also he has that curve in his penis (which I call my personal G-spot curve) which makes it uncomfortable for both of us. I'm no stranger to anal sex as I had alot of it with previous partners but it's something I'm willing to forgo with him. The second reason I don't do anal play frequently (i.e. during masturbation) is because I've only had one orgasm to date from anal stimulation and when I masturbate I just want to cum. BUT as of late I've been wanting to explore some more in that region so I'm going to go small and I'm going to go safe. I've considered glass toys for anal but I think I'd rather try something more pliable for that region. Don't get me wrong glass dildos are fantastic, especially G-spot glass dildos, but since it's been a while since I've played with my bum I wanna start gentle.

So I went on youtube, of all places, and stumbled upon a woman's video about sex toys and she was kind enough to leave a coupon code (PHONE) for 50% off plus free shipping in the video for adam&eve. Alot of shops are having clearance sales at the moment for their version of "Spring Cleaning" so luckily I stumbled across a butt plug that I really want to try. After the coupon I only paid $5 for it so if I don't like it, it's really not a loss at all.

I'll review it when I get it; I'll be waiting by the door til it gets here. Okay, not literally, but almost.

So now that I have a new butt plug on the way I need to work on getting storage! I have toys all over the place! It may be convenient that they're literally in every room of the house but it's definitely a pain when I have company pop over unannounced and I have to do a quick clean up before I grab the door!

So back to the butt plug. According to Adam & Eve it is:
• Small black anal probe
• Made from premium silicone
• 3½” long, ¾” wide shaft
• Cylindrical head for expert anal stimulation
• Center bead
• Ultra-flexible
• Smooth surface
• E-Z retrieval handle
• Waterproof

One of the pictures posted on the website make me a teensy bit wary about the actual quality of the silicone, as it looks splotchy. I guess we'll see when it gets here! I won't know 'til I try it out and when I do, you guys will be the First to know.