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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Pink Cherry

Pink Cherry has a sale going on with products up to 95% off! This has me so excited I can barely put it in words. Here's a sneak peak of what's going on!

Lelo Luna Beads in Noir.
First off: Lelo! You know you're getting a luxury product if it's a Lelo product. These beads are to be used for kegel excercises (vaginal strength training.) They're currently on sale for 52% off. With a price tag of only $29 they're a steal!

The Superstrap love ties have been catching my eyes all week. They genuinely seem like a great product. They make bondage customizable as not all ties have to be used at once like in the picture and I imagine some could be used for the wrists and some could be used for the ankles. They really look fun! They're on sale for 88% off. Price tag: $5!

Lately the hubby and I have been diving into the world of edible lotions & potions for foreplay and this vial is something I must try! At 72% off there isn't much to lose, especially at a price tag of $7. It also comes in MANY other flavors!

The Verspaken masturbator. I've only recently discovered this and it's peaked my interests as a gift for the hubby. Currently Pink Cherry has 3 textures in stock and it's on sale for 31% off. Price tag: $38.

I'm the type of girl who must have a clitoral vibrator on hand so I can't end this blog post without mentioning one on sale. The Luxe vibe is on sale for 72% off. Price tag: $17!

There are SOOO many more goodies I want to add but I'd be on here all day! There are pages upon pages on goodies on sale ranging from pumps to masturbators, lubes to gels, vibrators to dildos, and much more. I implore you check it out this sale is crazy!

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