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Friday, March 8, 2013

New Butt Plug

Well I've been looking for a new butt plug, one of good material quality, and I managed to find one made of silicone for a good price. It's called the Booty Call Booty Teaser by Cal Exotics. I've been trying to weed out the toys with low quality materials that I own so I can replace them with safer toys. I don't mind plastic as much but I'd like to have as many silicone and glass toy replacements as I can get.

My experience with butt plugs is semi-limited. Anal play isn't something I frequently do while masturbating or during sex. For one my husband does not like anal sex. He says I'm too tight and also he has that curve in his penis (which I call my personal G-spot curve) which makes it uncomfortable for both of us. I'm no stranger to anal sex as I had alot of it with previous partners but it's something I'm willing to forgo with him. The second reason I don't do anal play frequently (i.e. during masturbation) is because I've only had one orgasm to date from anal stimulation and when I masturbate I just want to cum. BUT as of late I've been wanting to explore some more in that region so I'm going to go small and I'm going to go safe. I've considered glass toys for anal but I think I'd rather try something more pliable for that region. Don't get me wrong glass dildos are fantastic, especially G-spot glass dildos, but since it's been a while since I've played with my bum I wanna start gentle.

So I went on youtube, of all places, and stumbled upon a woman's video about sex toys and she was kind enough to leave a coupon code (PHONE) for 50% off plus free shipping in the video for adam&eve. Alot of shops are having clearance sales at the moment for their version of "Spring Cleaning" so luckily I stumbled across a butt plug that I really want to try. After the coupon I only paid $5 for it so if I don't like it, it's really not a loss at all.

I'll review it when I get it; I'll be waiting by the door til it gets here. Okay, not literally, but almost.

So now that I have a new butt plug on the way I need to work on getting storage! I have toys all over the place! It may be convenient that they're literally in every room of the house but it's definitely a pain when I have company pop over unannounced and I have to do a quick clean up before I grab the door!

So back to the butt plug. According to Adam & Eve it is:
• Small black anal probe
• Made from premium silicone
• 3½” long, ¾” wide shaft
• Cylindrical head for expert anal stimulation
• Center bead
• Ultra-flexible
• Smooth surface
• E-Z retrieval handle
• Waterproof

One of the pictures posted on the website make me a teensy bit wary about the actual quality of the silicone, as it looks splotchy. I guess we'll see when it gets here! I won't know 'til I try it out and when I do, you guys will be the First to know.

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