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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My First Toy Experience

I was sitting here on the couch this morning thinking about my new blog and wondering to myself, hey chick what's your niche? What will make you stand out from the rest of the sex toy review bloggers? Well LuckyLady that's a good question...(yeah...I just talked to myself). To be honest that question is alot harder than I thought it would be.

In a world that has some fantastic and popular sex toy bloggers it's hard for me to figure out where I stand out from the rest.

I joined my first sex toy review program late last year and I immediately fell the fuck in love. Up until then I'd owned a few toys but they were utter crap. Yeah, I was one of THOSE people. The people who go online and think I NEED A VIBRATOR STAT AND ANYONE WILL DO AS LONG AS ITS UNDER $10! That's pretty terrible right?

I remember my first toy. It was attrocious. My ex boyfriend bought it for me. It was a standard straight vibrator with 3 sleeve attatchments, made of a terrible material I can't for the life of me remember, and it glowed in the dark. The attatchments were all textured with the most annoying texture ever made (prickly/stabby/irritating) and it almost entirely turned me off to vibrators. It was so uncomfortable and I had a time trying to even get it inside of me. It was seriously a vibrator you buy for someone you hate. At the time I was 18 and didn't know anything about sex toys. I didn't know there was a community of reviewers that tried to warn people like me about material safety and tried to give us an honest opinion on the performance to help people like me make a good purchase. I was one of those people (the boyfriend too as he bought it) who wanted something cheap and what we ended up with was something cheap. Boy how we went wrong with that.

Here it is! Scary, right?

For years after that I tried to use household items when I was desperately horny. I tried the ends of hair brushes, taper candles, and sitting on the washing machine. Thinking about that now it was pretty hilarious and did nothing for me. Eventually I went out and got a pocket rocket and pocket rockets were the only toys I invested. They're small and under $10. It was a step up from that terrible 3 sleeve contrapment from hell I'd owned earlier and I to this day won't turn down a good pocket rocket, but little did I know about the world of G-spot vibrators, Silicone Dildos, Kegel Balls, or even glass toys!

I was introduced to this world by my own curiousity late last year and my eyes are now open. I can see hallelujah! I'm like a damn kid in a candy shop I want everything I see!

So, after a few months of reviewing for a prominent website I've decided to go into blogging about these toys. Maybe I can help someone who was just like me. I was totally uneducated on quality and looking for a cheap buy. There are a ton of great toys out there that are super affordable but you have to KNOW what to look for. In most cases however quality is determined by what you can afford. It's difficult to spend $10 and expect a toy to last a long time. Though sometimes you may spend $100 and be dissatisfied with the product. But, that's why there are reviewers like me who can give info about the toy that isn't found on the manufacturers page in hopes that we can answer any questions you may have or humor your curiousity.

So what is my niche? Well I'd like to think of myself as the average shopper. I want quality but I also don't want to break the bank so I can relate with many savvy shoppers. I'm still learning as every reviewer is when they try a new product, so I have room to grow and educate. I'm sex positive, pro-gender equality, pro-sexual orientation equality and even though I'm a "cisgender" heterosexual female I'm willing to search products to help other folks fill their sex toy needs or point them in the right direction. My niche is, well, evolving.

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