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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibe Review

Today I'm reviewing the Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator. This quaint vibrator comes with 10 patterns of vibrations and features a curved tip perfect for G-spot stimulation. It's body safe material provides an easy clean up and a waterproof design. Read on to learn more about the Supersex G-spot Vibrator.

This was smaller than expected but because of it's size it's easily concealable if the need arises to store it out of sight.The G-spot tip is 1" thick and the neck is less than an inch thick. The total length of the toy is 6", 4 1/2" of which is insertable. It will fit in the length of your hand.

The G-spot bulb of the toy is raised and rather bulbous to provide firm pressure on the G-spot. I've had issues with a few G-spot toys "hooking" on the pubic bone but this one doens't have a strong neck area that would cause it to hook. I prefer G-spot toys like this one.

It reminded me of the Lia toys by Cal Exotics. The patterns were identical to that line, also the blinking lights that correspond with each pattern are also identical. This comes in 10 patterns. Three of these patterns are your standard low, medium, high vibes and the other seven are rythymic. The intensity of vibrations are about a 3/5. They're not too strong but not too weak either. They're pretty average.

At the bast of the toy near the battery pack are two buttons. The bottom button turns on/off the toy. The button above this changes the patterns.
This toy takes 1 AA battery and around the battery pack is a rubber ring to prevent water coming into the toy. Yes, this toy is waterproof.

The Supersex is made of plastic but it's very smooth and mimics a silicone feeling. There isn't any drag to it and I didn't have any issues with it collecting lint. The Supersex is not flexible; it's a rigid toy but this is great for hitting the G-spot.

Experience: I'm not a fan. While I'm not a fan of girthy toys and this one is far from girthy, I'm not a fan of the very thin toys either. This was a bit too small for me to appreciate. On the upside however this would be a great companion to travel with because of it's small size. A few months ago I would have fallen in love with this toy before I discovered toys with stronger vibrations. Today I like a toy that will cover a wide range of strengths in vibrations and this one is pretty weak in comparison to a few that I currently drool over. Even though I'm not a huge fan I'm not about to go throw this one out anytime soon. It's a good quality, sturdy toy and I have use for it. What use? You just said it's not strong! Well if you must know, alot of my toys are rather tall and I've been meaning to add some smaller toys to my collection for the instances that I do travel and though the vibrations are the strongest they're just enough to give me pleasure. Sure, it's more like a teaser but I rely on clitoral stimulation for orgasm anyways and the bulb on this toy just adds for better stimulation.

Would I recommend this? Honestly it depends on the person I'm recommending toys to. I think this would be better suited to someone who's looking for a smaller toy and who is either sensitive to vibrations or just prefers an average intensity in their vibes. I think because of the range of patterns, the size, and vibes this could be perfect for a beginner or those stated above, to experiment with a safe toy and one made of good quality too. For the more experienced with toys or those who are "power queens" I think this one would fall a bit flat.

Rating : 3/5


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