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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best Dating Advice I Ever Got

We've all been there; that icky place in life called "single." At times it can be described as lonely and depressing whereas sometimes it feels freeing and fun because you're not "tied down". I remember when I was dating I loved having a partner but had times where I felt that I wasn't free and when I was single I felt lonely and missed everything that I disliked about being in a relationship.

I'm married now and I appreciate my past relationships (and relationship-less months) because I learned from them in a way that I think solidified my marriage. I also think it has something to do with a little advice I got from a stranger when I was 18.

Ah, the teenage years. I say that like they were so long ago, which they weren't, but my immaturity at that time seems so distant from who I am today. It's that time when you leave high school but high school doesn't leave you. I made bad dating decisions at 18 as I did at 14. How embarrassing. But at those ages relationships would be best described as puppy love. You don't get the full spectrum of a relationship when you're a teenager as you do when you're adult. The hardships for most are invisible at that age yet we complain about everything being so difficult. Oh, younger me, if only you knew! I think a part of me might have known because I took this man's advice to heart.

I was at work one night, cleaning the parking lot, when a man was pumping gas and decided to chat with me. He asked a bit about my age and school then immediately proceeded to give me advice, unsolicited but very welcome. He told me my number one priority should be myself at my age. School included. He said I must take care of myself and get ME to a point where I want to be at before I bring in another person in my life. (He must have had a daughter!) At the time I took it as an age-related point of advice but I took it seriously. Now, looking back I realize it applies to all people, regardless of age or maturity.

In order to have a healthy relationship with another person you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself. 

Doesn't it just seem like common sense? But how many people do we know that hop from one guy to another seeking self-fulfillment? Too many to count right?

I think this was the best advice I've ever gotten and I'd share it with the world if I could.



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