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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where's the G Spot?

The elusive G-spot is generally 2'' to 3'' inches past the opening of the vagina. It's a pea sized area (though it expands when stimulated) that may feel spongey to the touch. Motioning in a come hither gesture is the best way to find/stimulate the G spot area with the fingers.

The G spot is in front of the bladder so many who stimulate their g spots experience the feeling like they have to pee. If you get that sensation then you know you've found it. (The pee feeling eventually goes away, replaced with pleasure; i think it may depend on the amount of pressure you're using.)

Though I own a few G spot dildos/vibrators I'm still pretty amateur to G spot stimulation. The whole I have to pee sensation turns me off a bit so I don't push my button as firm when that happens. Supposedly it does go away but I haven't really tried to test that as that sensation just bugs me. I'm pretty dependent on clitoral stimulation to orgasm so I do g spot stimulation to create a mind blowing orgasmic combination.

Regardless, I'm happy I'm exploring it. I've been stimulated numerous times of course during sex. My husband has a slight curve to his penis that is perfect for g spot stimulation. So I've been spoiled for years by his penis's talent. But alas I've still had the whole I gotta pee sensation and changed position many times to avoid it. So I plan on taking that farther and seeing if it really does go away. The worst that could happen is I pee myself. LOL!

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