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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PicoBong Moka Review

So, from my last review I told you how much I didn't care for the Posh Teaser 4's silicone but the curve of the tip was nice for G spot stimulation. Today I've got another G-spot toy made of silicone I want to talk about. I've been using this one for the past couple of weeks now and it's one of my most used toys currently.

Yesterday I made a post about one of LeLo's products, the antibacterial toy cleaner. This toy I'm about to review is made by LELo but before I get started let me introduce you to LELO. LELO is a Swedish brand of luxury adult products. The quality of their toys are superb and one of the best brands in my opinion you could own. Their toys are made of excellent quality silicone, metal, or even gold. No joke, they have a 24kt dildo on the market. Their sex toys usually are in the $100+ range (excluding the 24kt dildo which I've seen in the tens of thousands of dollars range and other products such as accessories i.e. the toy cleaner which is less than $10). That being said, LeLo so generously developed an affordable line for those of us who can't regularly dish out cash but want a good quality toy. This line is called PicoBong.

The toy I'm reviewing today is LELO's PicoBong Moka.

This is a g-spot vibrator with a prominent curve that lands straight on the g-spot. The curve is my friend and my enemy. I have a low pubic bone so the curve makes it a.) difficult for entry and b.) impossible for thrusting. However, regardless of this once I carefully angled it inside of me it landed perfectly on my gspot and I didn't require a thrusting action to orgasm. I can rock it if I like and still get maximum g-spot pleasure.

The pressure I can apply with this is great enough that I don't even have to use the vibrations to get off with it. If I want I can do with or without the vibrations and still rub my g-spot til orgasm. (Well, I use clitoral vibrations to get off but rubbing my G-spot with my clit makes my masturbation session set off like fireworks.

The Moka is also not a girthy toy which is a huge plus for me. I don't really care for girthy toys so I tend to go for the thinner ones. The Moka is 8” in length. I’d say about 4.5” is insertable. After 4.5” you run into the buttons and after that is the plastic battery pack. The G spot curved tip is 1.5” long and 1” wide. The neck of the Moka is the thinnest part and falls just under 1” thick. The widest part is where the button area is and is 1.5” thick.
  The Moka is also waterproof. This makes it great for use in the shower/tub/jacuzzi. The shaft is made of silicone while the base is made of plastic. The silicone is great quality. Like I said a moment ago this is an affordable alternative to their pricier toys so you can notice a difference in the silicone quality in comparison to their luxury toys but the quality is still great. It's smooth, there's no drag to it whatsoever, and it feels luxurious.

The Moka takes 2 AAA batteries and has 3 buttons on the side at the base of the vibrator. Two of the buttons turn up/down the vibes while the 3rd changes the mode. It has 12 different patterns of vibrations. The vibrations aren't weak they're very impressive in strength and the patterns are unique and exciting. Alot of the patterns have escalation and deescalation modes while the others may be a bit random. Unlike the Posh Teaser 4 when you turn off the vibrator it doesn't save the last function; instead it starts you back at the beginning when you turn it back on. But the difference between the two is the Moka has 2 additional patterns than the Posh which only has 10 patterns total. Because the silicone is a much better quality than the Posh it's super easy to clean. I use a toy cleaner wipe and I don't have any issue with resistance or drag.

So, what is my overall opinion of the Moka? I think it's a great quality toy. Although the curve is very prominent and can be slightly uncomfortable at the wrong angle for me, the shape is perfect for applying pressure to the g-spot and the material is of a great quality. It's low maintenance to clean and its vibes didn't leave me wanting something stronger. It comes with a 1 yr warranty. It's affordable and altogether a nice vibrator.

PicoBong Moka gets a 4/5. 

Would I recommend this toy? Heck yes I would! The only person I wouldn't recommend this to is someone with a low pubic bone who needs thrusting to orgasm. I'm working around it and I haven't had any issue not orgasming. I think this would be a good toy for anyone who enjoys a good g-spot stimulator.

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