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Thursday, March 7, 2013

$10 Pocket Rocket- Mega Mite Review

The other day when I was writing about my "niche" and my first sex toy experience, I wrote a little about pocket rockets. I thought today I'd bring you a pocket rocket that is both affordable and amazing. But first, what is a pocket rocket?

A pocket rocket is a mini vibrator. Usually they are about the size of your finger and the vibrations are centered at the tip of the vibe for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Some come with additional sleeves for textured stimulation and they usually only take 1 AA battery. You can get pocket rockets around the $10 range almost anywhere but there is one in particular I really like.

It's called the Mega Mite by Cal Exotics.

The Mega Mite is just over 4" in length and 1" at it's widest point. This is a discreet vibrator because of it's size and because it is so small can fit in your purse easily if you plan to travel. Though the mega mite does not come with additional sleeves it is a standard sized pocket rocket so they can be purchased separately.  I haven't done this because I enjoy the tip.

The tip has 3 soft rubber balls that hug around the clitoris and deliver the vibrations in a delicate way. What I mean is you're not rubbing your sensitive clit with hard plastic nubs until raw; the rubber tips are very soft on the body.

The Mega Mite takes 1 AA battery and when you twist the batteries in place you use the same twisting motion to turn it on/off & increase/decrease the vibes gradually.

So, why is this my favorite pocket vibe so far?
For one, my previous experience with pocket vibes generally consisted of those with thinner plastic. How can you tell? Because the vibe was see-through. Though it's pretty on colored vibes that thinner plastic makes it less durable and as a result I've broken many pocket rockets. (I've dropped them, stepped on them, and my dog has chewed them up!) I've even had a battery melt them! The Mega Mite is made of a very durable plastic. I've had mine for 3 years and not a crack has been made in it. I'm still amazed it's not destroyed after all of this time as I am a major klutz!

The second reason is it is one of the strongest pocket rockets I've ever owned. Similar vibes have left me really wanting stronger vibes but this one is heavy duty; in material and performance. I think the rubber tips have something to do with the strong transfer of vibes.

Third, it's waterproof and non-pourous. I've had similar pocket rockets claim to be waterproof only to find water trapped in the battery pack after use in the tub or shower but I've never had water leak into my Mega Mite vibe.

So it's strong, durable, and affordable; what's the catch? It's hard to clean. That's the biggest complaint I have for it. The nubs are difficult to clean in between. Yup, that's the only issue I have with it. Now I know there are probably better P.R. out there and the best probably cost a fortune but for around $10 or less this is an excellent buy. For these reasons I give it a solid 5/5.

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