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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Posh Teaser 4 Review

The Posh Teaser 4 by Cal Exotics is going to christen this blog as the first review I post. So here goes...

So, I got the Posh Teaser 4 because it's made of silicone which is one of the best materials you can get in a sex toy. Silicone is body safe and non-pourous so you can clean it and use it with other partners or between the vagina and anus without worrying about transferring bacteria. The second reason I got the Posh Teaser 4 is because I was curious about the texture and shape of the vibrator. It has 3 large bumps along the shaft and a subtle curve at the end for G spot stimulation. The bumps are noticeable when inserted and provide nice stimulation. The curve at the end is subtle but teases the G spot. It's not as prominent as some G spot stimulators but it's still very nice. I own a couple G spot toys that have a very prominent curve and while they are excellent for the G spot they get caught up on my pubic bone. It's a nice change to have something that I can thrust with and not have to worry about hitting bone.

The Posh Teaser 4 has 10 patterns of vibrations. The patterns are:
1. Vibrate (HIGH)
2. Vibrate (MEDIUM)
3. Vibrate (LOW)
4. Gradient Burst
5. Intermittent
6. Surge
7. Inta-surge
8. Even Step
9. Roller Coaster Spurt
10. Pulsate

The vibrations are pretty standard strength in comparison to most vibrators. They're strong and not shaky but the levels of intensity are average. They're not uncomfortably strong and also not too weak.
 I didn't have any issue getting to orgasm with this vibrator.

The Posh Teaser 4 measures 6.75” in length, 5” insertable, and is 1” thick. It is not a girthy toy and is perfect for those who prefer thinner toys, like me. The base of the toy where the battery compartment is (takes 2 AAA batteries) has the turn on/off button. This button lights up and blinks in rythym with the patterns of vibrations. The vibes are very quiet but this light makes this toy non-discreet if you're using this in a dark room with another person present. (not Dorm Room friendly).

My biggest complaint about this vibrator is the material. I know I said silicone is one of the best but this silicone isn't the best quality. It has a gummy feeling to it and attracts lint as bad as a jelly vibrator would. It also has alot of resistance and drag which makes this a pain for cleaning and storing.

Speaking of storage, silicone toys cannot be stored alongside other silicone toys. This is because the material of both toys will deteriorate. Silicone toys should be stored separately. Likewise, this should not be used with a silicone lubricant for the same reason. Stick with a water-based lube.

The Posh Teaser 4 is also waterproof! This means you can use this in the tub/shower/jacuzzi and not have to worry about it getting damaged. Now, water-based lubricants will not work if used in water. And silicone lube is out of the question since the toy is made of silicone. Try an oil based lubricant if you use this in water so you'll stay lubricated during use and it won't wash away.  Unfortunately it may be difficult to wash it off/out after you're done.

Though I love the texture (bumps and tip) of the Posh Teaser 4, the material is a no-go for me.It has too much drag and attracts lint like crazy. Maintaining this is high maintenance. Because of this I have to say this will not be a favorite of mine. I'd rate it a 3/5.

Would I recommend this toy? Well this definitely wouldn't be a toy for toy snobs. The g spot stimulation is nice and would probably be best for a.) beginners to g spot stimulation and b.) for those who prefer a subtle g spot curve on their toys. So, for those people I would recommend this.

Feel free to ask questions!

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