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Saturday, May 18, 2013


A couple of things have been happening. Good and Bad. I'll get over the bad news first. One of my favorite sex toy sites has canned all of the admins and left the community to virtually fend for themselves which has nearly caused a mob and resulted in panic, confusion, fear, and alot of fighting. The owner of said company has shown his true colors in not caring for the community by leaving it to rot in disbelief and chaos. It has been an interesting past few days and speculation is the company is broke and the website failing but we'll wait and see what happens. Unfortunately ALOT of good people lost their jobs abruptly and I'm sad to see them go. On a lighter side, the good news. I landed a job. And I apologize in advance for two reasons: #1 posts may be far and few as I adjust to the many changes in my life and #2 I'm going to be a debt collector in this new job so....yeah....sorry if you have to deal with me! LOL!

Things are looking up as far as my financial situation goes; that is if I can do this job right!

Tata for now!

<3 <3 <3

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