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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LuckyMe LuckyYou Flavored Pleasure Towelettes Review

LuckyMe LuckyYou developed these flavored pleasure towelettes for oral sex pleasure. There’s virtually no mess or clean up and they’re travel friendly. Unfortunately being what they are they’re good for one use only and only come in one flavor, Succulent Strawberry. The taste is yummy but a bit on the light side. Read on to learn more about this unique product!

Creativity: I must give this a 5. I haven’t seen anything like this before and I think it’s a very creative idea. The packaging is very pretty also and it stands out as unique. Kudos!

Use: To use the LuckyMe LuckyYou towlettes you simply tear the foil and pull out the wipes which expands to a medium sized wipe similar to a baby wipe. You then rub it on the genitals (or any body area you like) and start the oral sex! It’s really simple to use; there’s no mess involved and virtually no clean up. The use of this product is so easy and mess free. Rate: 5

Sensuality: I have to throw this category in because it really mattered to me for some reason. It wasn’t a particularly sexual or sensual experience. Rubbing a baby wipe on someone’s junk was completely anti-sexy. There’s something sexual about pouring oils and dusting powders on the skin. Rubbing a baby wipe on someone didn’t do it for me. It brought down the mood so I have to give it a 0.

Practicality: These would probably be best for someone who’s on the go, meaning someone who likes to travel and packs light. The packets are the size of condoms wrappers so they’re super easy to store and travel with. The wipes are mess free so cleanup is minimal (but if you used your tongue like you’re supposed to, well, cleanup is unnecessary.) In comparison to gels and powders, the wipes (though in a virtually new category) can be a little less practical for three reasons. 

1.       They’re one use only. (Where as gels, powders, creams etc can be used multiple times and are cost effective because of this.)

2.       The wipes spread flavor rather thinly on the body and leaves a scent rather than much of a taste so multiple wipes would have to be used to achieve the same result as powders, gels, or creams.

3.       The cost per wipe is over $1 each and for one use of a thin coating is a bit impractical for extended use.

This is where it gets difficult to rate. For extended use I’d say this is a no-go. The flavor is light, the cost is high, and you’ll be ordering many times to refill. For travel use I’d say this is excellent (however the taste is still rather light) because it doesn’t take up ANY room to pack and it won’t leak. Personally I don’t travel much and we prefer a strong taste and something that is going to last us a good while so for myself and my husband I rate this category a 2.

Taste: As mentioned above the taste is rather light. It does taste good however without any bad aftertastes and you’re surprised it doesn’t taste like a baby wipe since that’s pretty much what it is or what we’ve come to identify a baby wipe as. (hah). It does taste like strawberries and the smell is probably just as pleasant as the taste. The only thing is the taste was rather weak and went away quickly. When we experiment with other edible products such as gels, lotions, or powders the tastes are generally strong and last because of the consistency of the products. The wipes go on rather thin so the taste is short lived and not very strong. Though it’s a good taste it’s light and thin so I have to rate it a 3.

Overall: I haven’t broken down a review into separate categories for rating before but I felt this product was difficult to rate flat out because it’s such a unique product. There were a lot of short comings but there were some great qualities to it too and since it’s rather unique to me I felt it would be best appropriately rated if I broke down the good and bad separately. So the rating on this product is: 5+5+0+2+3=15/5=3.

The LuckyMe LuckyYou Flavored Pleasure Towelettes get a 3/5 rating and you heard it first from LuckyLady.

Please follow @GetLuckyTonight on twitter and check out the towelettes at their website  http://luckyme-luckyyou.com  

Thanks for reading! 

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